Bentley Aero-Ace Video

Bentley Aero-Ace

This is an RCA project sponsored by Bentley and EXA corporation, designing a two generation away Bentley GT, that speaks to lean mid 21st century tastes, and that truly embraces aerodynamics to both reduce energy consumption and form a part of a future Bentley design aesthetic.

We needed not only to design the vehicle, but also to build ALIAS models and send them to EXA, which is a CFD analysis provider, back and forth, optimizing our design and make it the most aero-efficient, while still keeping Bentley's design language.
I made four alterations of my design throughout the project based on EXA's adivce, and manage to get my car's Cd to 3.0, which is much better than the current Continental GT model (0.35).

Paradigm Shift

This is a really radical project, in terms of branding and conventional vehicle proportion, but definitely breath taking!
With the blooming development of electric powertrain, combustion engine powertrain will gradually be out-of-date. “A long and ‘graceful’ engine bonnet” will be eliminated from the definition of the elegance of a car, from the definition of its owner’s superiority and dignity.
Meanwhile, the paradigm of automobile will fundamentally change, in terms of architecture, aesthetics and usage. People will pursue dignity and elegance with responsibility.

GM Internship

I went to GM design center in Shanghai for intern last summer.
I participated several company projects, and had a small project of my own, based on an existing platform.

Fast Forward 40 Years

This is a RCA project sponsored by OPEL. It's quite abstract, trying to figure out the aesthetic tastes of the people in year 2049. We did a lot of research into their lives such as culture, technology, fashion, transportation, medication, etc. We built sculptures to express our predictions.
I proposed a ConventionalRoad/MagLev transportation system, that vehicles in 2049 could both run on conventional roads for short trips and run on Magnetic Levitation tracks for long journeys.
The following images are actual photography of my model, no photoshop at all!

Mercedes Benz SLK

This is a quick sketch practicing project, it's fun~

Euro Kei-Car

Euro Kei-Caris a project sponsored by Daihatsu & Suzuki, designing a small vehicle specifically for European market, within Japan Kei-Car size limitation (3400 *1480 *2000mm), and also within a specific European scenario.
Personally, I chose a skiing & camping trip in Mountain Alps as my specific scenario, aiming at creating a vehicle with extraordinary visibility for mountain sightseeing, functional performance carrying skiing and camping gears, and better vehicle safety with the frame shape wrapping the vehicle.

Future London Transport

This project experimented some solutions for future London's transportation system integrated in to city infrastructure, and as a team, we won the third prize!